Will my wood product look different than what I saw on the website?

While we do our best to photograph our products as accurately as possible, it is impossible for us to perfectly show you all the color and grain varieties of each wood species. While Padauk is a fairly consistent reddish/orange color, Paldao can vary greatly with some pieces being a consistent solid appearance and others having darker streaks running through them. Redwood Burl has a huge variety of swirls and grain patterns. Sometimes Redwood Burl can have what appears to be a crack in it, this is simply an area of the burl that was thinner when it was produced. Redwood Burl is one of our most beautiful wood species and these imperfections are what make us love it!

This variety is what makes our products so unique. Every single skin/case we make is 100% unique and will never look the same as another one. If you want a unique, real piece of wood to complement your device, you have found the place!

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