Do your cases have any lip past the front of the phone?

Our iPhone cases are flush with the front of the phone. We offer optional front wood skins with our iPhone cases that adhere to the front of the phone.

Are case models, excluding clear cases, do have a small lip past the front of the device, allowing you to carefully place it face down on a smooth surface without the face of your device touching.

All of our Traveler cases are designed with a protruding front lip to protect your phone screen when it is face down. The lip on the Traveler cases protrudes 0.045" above the face of the glass screen.

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    Will you ever consider changing the design to provide an option to get a "lip"?
    Because it does not have this "lip" I decided not to buy a case. A slight lip will be protect the glass so much. Plus it will then be okay to place the phone face down on a show off the lovely case.

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    Steven Tobey

    I was going to buy a case as well for my nexus 6 until I found out it doesn't protect the front. Personally I have seen 3 phones break by falling face down.

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    Bec Barendrecht

    Any plans to make Samsung Galaxy cases available in a wider variety of cases than just the Traveller? I'm a big fan of the clear cases and the full wood cases, but it looks like these currently aren't an option for Samsung users. I currently have an S7 Traveller case (Satellite design), but I do feel that the thick black edging kind of overpowers the gorgeous wood and resin.

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    Alice Fritz

    I’m SO sad you dont put the protective bezel around the front of the phone. My last iphone screen smashed completely from a lack of it. Hours before a trip. I’ll never buy another case without it. Even a case as stunning as yours. Please email me when you add the front bezel.