Do you make cases for the Active version of the S6/S7/etc...?

No we currently do not make any cases that will fit the Active version of any Samsung Galaxy Phones.

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    Thomas Ellington

    Will you be making any cases to fit the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

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    Mark Paepcke

    Or tue S6 Edge+?

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    Wil Cervantes
    Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus, please!!!
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    Cole Pollard

    Could yall make cases for the galaxy s6 edge plus?

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    Domingo holguin

    Can you make one for galaxy s6 +

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    S6 edge plus PLEASE! The Seattle one with Seahawks logo

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    S7 edge what's up

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    Krišjānis Viļčevskis

    Id like to order case for samsung galaxy j5

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    Kelli L Rowe

    Do you have a case for the Samsung S5 Note?

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    Do have any cases for the Samsung Note 5? Or know when one might be available?